Monday, 11 September 2017

Every Morning

Every morning I pull up my database of Alphas running in Alberta. Practically every morning there are new ones registered, and I say a little prayer of thanks and blessing for each one.

Of course I love every one, but particularly encouraging lately have been Alphas set to run in various schools, universities and community colleges. Just in the last few days I've been notified of Alphas at the University of Alberta, Grant MacEwan University and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

I've seen Alphas being run in High- and Junior High Schools, both public and Catholic.

Each one, in each community, means there is a person or team there who cares about reaching our next generation for Christ.

This week and last I've been preparing for a trip to Calgary. I'll be there next week from Tuesday to Sunday. I'll be visiting the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association office Tuesday afternoon, then meeting Alpha Canada's Director of Ministry Development, Stephen Mulder, and our Alpha for Youth National Director, Tim Gonsalves that evening for a youth event at RockPointe Church.

Wednesday will be filled with a number of appointments with various key Calgary Alpha churches. Thursday is back to RockPointe for a C2C church planting conference. Many churches have used Alpha in their church planting strategy. In fact, as I believe I have mentioned before, one well-known church planter says his strategy is to, "..find an empty building and start running Alphas."

Friday is open so far, but I have yet to hear from everyone I've contacted for appointments, and there may be time for some cold calls. Saturday and Sunday I'll be with Alpha Canada's National Director Shaila Visser at Foothills Alliance.

Finally it will be back to Edmonton for registration Sunday evening for registration for Billy Graham's Evangelism Congress at West Edmonton Mall.

A busy little time after the dog days of summer, (which weren't really that doggy at all.) And don't forget; if you or if you think anyone you know might consider Alpha's ministry in Alberta is a cause worth supporting, please click on the yellow button to the right.



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