Monday, 10 July 2017

Almost Homeless

I have a trip scheduled this week for Calgary and Lethbridge, with a few very promising appointments lined up. I waited until this morning (Monday) to book a hotel in Calgary, not remembering that this is the week of the Calgary Stampede. I went to my usual website to find a room and the realization gradually began to dawn on me, as I scrolled down the list and saw, "no availability" opposite every hotel in the city, that I might have to ask the guy in the picture if I could sleep in his chuckwagon.

I finally found a room though, and one not even too far from my first Wednesday morning appointment.

So my schedule looks like this:
  1. Tuesday 7:30 AM - pick up rental car in St Albert
  2. Tuesday noon - lunch in Okotoks with Pastor Terry Lee of Okotoks Alliance
  3. Couple of afternoon appointments in Calgary
  4. Wednesday 9:00 AM - meet with Pastor Todd Swisher of Eastside City Church in Calgary
  5. Wednesday noon - lunch with John Albiston of Victory Church Lethbridge
  6. 1:30 - Meet with Pastor Scott Dixon of University Drive Alliance Church, Lethbridge
  7. Afternoon calls on Westside Community Church and City Lights Church, Lethbridge
  8. 3:00 or 3:30 - meet with Youth Pastor Jared Friesen at Lethbridge E-Free
  9. 4 or 4:30 - head home to St Albert
  10. 10:00 PM - arrive home.
As I've said before - I love Christ, love Alpha, love driving.

Perfect job.



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