Tuesday, 2 May 2017


LC17 is where we are right now; - Alpha Leadership Conference at Holy Trinity Brompton in London, UK, the birthplace of Alpha. There is lots going on, some of which I hope to share, but for now, I'll just mention a seminar I attended by Fr. James Mallon, Parish priest at St Benedict's Catholic Parish in Halifax. Also there and presenting was Christian songwriter Matt Maher. The topic was:

I'd like to quote just a few nuggets of wisdom I gleaned from his talk,

    • Don't use people to build your ministry; use your ministry to build up people.
    • Alpha as a program is great; Alpha as a culture is phenomenal.
    • Our churches should have a sign on their doors, "Enter at your own risk!" We should expect people to encounter Christ when they come through our doors.
    • A parishioner complained to Fr. Mallon: "Alpha, Alpha, Alpha - all you ever talk about is Alpha!" To which Fr James replied, "Well, when people start coming to Christ through your ministry I'll start talking about that."



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