Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sunday Night in Red Deer (There's a country song there somewhere)

I'm going to interrupt my series on communicating the gospel for an actual post. It's Sunday night and I'm sitting in my hotel room in Red Deer. It was an uneventful drive down from Edmonton this afternoon, except for the very last part when I had an argument with my GPS. It was right (mostly)but I didn't believe it. Fortunately I had that lady's voice muted or there might have been a real shouting match. My second sentence above is evidence that I eventually made it.

I have at least three appointments tomorrow between 8:30 and noon, and hope to line up at least one more before I head home. The first is a breakfast meeting with the long-time Alpha coordinator from Crossroads church, a church that has been running Alpha for many years. Next is a meeting with Senior Pastor Paul Vallee of Living Stones church.

Living Stones is an interesting and encouraging story. They began with a group of 12 people meeting in a hotel. From there they grew to the point where they purchased Red Deer's drive-in theatre. They kept the concession/projection booth as their youth centre and built their own brand new church on the site. Living Stones' youth pastor Amy has run Alpha's Youth Film Series a number of times, but now the church is running our Alpha Film Series for their first "adult" Alpha in several years.

At noon, I'm meeting the Alpha Coordinator from Alliance Community Church, Sylvan Lake, another fellowship I count as one of my key Alpha churches in their area. They too have run Alpha for a number of years. We're meeting in a Tim Horton's in Red Deer, which is a 22 minute drive from Sylvan Lake, as the crow flies, or at least as the Google maps.

The one other appointment I hope to make is with Deer Park Alliance. I was unable to connect with them last week to set up an appointment, but I will try again before I leave town. I may even just drop in to see if anyone is there.

That's all I can say for now, except to say,



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