Sunday, 29 January 2017

Break Forth 2017

My presentation for Break Forth this year was entitled, "Communicating the Relevance of the Gospel in a Changing Culture." Yes, it's a long title but I figured if I used a long title I could shorten my actual presentation.😉 And of course it was completely a commercial for Alpha, mainly because much of the way we need to evangelize in our current generation, in my opinion, fits exactly with the Alpha DNA.

The room was pretty much full, so I'm guessing there were a hundred to a hundred and fifty there. A couple of technical difficulties didn't succeed in derailing things. I had no sound to start with, so a techie came in and solved that issue, and halfway through, the projector quit working, again solved by a resident techie.

The presentation went fairly well otherwise, and seemed to be well received. The Q&A time gave me an opportunity to address some of the questions of the audience and a few people came up afterward to thank and converse.

Afterward, as I roamed the halls and the exhibits, I met some of my friends from church who were also at BreakForth. They asked me if I was nervous before I did the seminar. My standard answer to this question is, "Yes. If I'm not nervous before I 'go on' it makes me nervous."

I think I will post my presentation here on my blog, in pieces, so you can see for yourself what I said.

Stay tuned.



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