Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Southern Alberta Day One (♫Dashing Through the Snow♫)

This was Calgary late this morning as I arrived. I'm not sure if this is a picture of Stony Trail, but that's what it looked like. The Trail itself was more just wet than anything, but my first visit was to the Bowridge campus of RockPointe Church to drop off some banners and the big red Alpha Question Mark for a Youth Training Summit event being hosted there on Saturday by Brent Sellers, Youth Pastor there and an Alberta Alpha Youth Champion. The event is for students or youth leaders interested in running the Alpha Youth Film Series in various contexts or venues. I must say I am so encouraged by Youth Pastors like Brent and others who have so bought in to the vision of seeing young people come to faith through Alpha. Much credit must be given to Amy Croy, my Youth Associate who has taken the initiative in gathering together a number of these Champions. (Please keep her in your prayers.)

OK, my point: RockPointe is on Highway 1A, between Calgary and Cochrane. This road was not so well-travelled as the main highways, and when I arrived at the church's location and went to turn left off the highway  I very nearly slid into the ditch. By the time I reached the central area of Calgary though, the snow was gone.

From RockPointe it was over to Eastside City Church, where a scheduling mix-up meant a rescheduled appointment for Friday when I'll be passing through Calgary again on my way home.

Finally, a very encouraging meeting at First Alliance with Heather Brown, Adult Education and Development Pastor, who oversees their Alpha program, I volunteered my services to return before their next Alpha in January to do a training for their Alpha team. (More snow?)

I'm writing this in my hotel room in Lethbridge where I have a number of appointments tomorrow (actually today, as it's after midnight.)

So, Blessings & Good Night


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