Friday, 25 November 2016

Unknown Numbers

If you have call display what is your reaction when a number comes up you don't recognize; nervousness, fear, annoyance, hesitation? Are you tempted just to avoid answering it - let it go to voicemail?

Well, I certainly wonder, when it happens, "Who could this be?" However, in my ministry with Alpha, it turns out as often as not to be a call I'm glad I took.

Yesterday, near the close of the day, I received such a call. I answered, wondering, of course, who it could be. It was from a pastor in a town in Alberta. I had met him at a recent networking event. He told me he has a youth group meeting in his church building in which there are no kids from his church! Twenty to twenty-five teens every week. No Christians! He wanted to know if Alpha had any resources he could use for this group.

Do we have resources?!!! (Rhetorical question of course on my part 😉)

I went over highlights of our Youth Film Series, including some figures showing how successful it has been across the country. I gave him our link to preview the videos, explained how he could set up an account and be able to download everything he needed to run the course (even training and promotional resources), offered to help personally, and gave him contact info for the youth pastor at another church in his town who, I made sure to ask first, should be able to help him as well.

I know my Youth Associate Amy will probably read this blog, so I was a little hesitant to tell this story. She is so enthusiastic to reach young people for Christ that I'm afraid she might want to jump right out of bed, ready to help.

Don't worry Amy. They probably won't start until February.



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