Thursday, 20 October 2016

Youth and the Future

I listened in on our Alpha Youth Champions Webinar today. At left, in a screenshot of the call, is Tim Teakle, Youth Associate in Ontario, but who has been acting in rather a national capacity for the last while as Alpha Canada has been searching for a National Youth Director.

Speaking of that, however, below is Alpha's brand new National Director for Youth, Tim Gonzales.
The focus of the call was the encouragement and empowerment of students in high- and junior high schools to share Alpha with their friends in their schools, and to invite their friends into a conversation about life, faith and God.
It is already happening in a number of schools across the country and our hope and prayer is that it will happen in many more. If I may say so, much of the impetus for the formation of this concept of a network of Youth Champions came from the passion of Alberta's own Youth Associate, Amy Croy, and her own heart to see students empowered to run Alpha in their schools.

One statistic mentioned this morning that I found encouraging is that 75 young people have now signed up as wanting to participate in running Alpha in their schools for their friends.

There is so much hope for this generation of young people. Please pray for them as they come to a faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and as they may find it more and more difficult to profess that faith publicly as time goes on.



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