Monday, 1 February 2016

Another 'Impossible' Problem Solved

This is a close-up picture of our Alpha booth at Break Forth. It doesn't give you a view of the whole booth because it is not intended to. Rather, the focus is on my brand new, used, Epson 410 W Short Throw Projector, and there's a story to tell. (Why else would I be posting.)

We, (Alpha) have what we call a, "Mega Banner" we use as a backdrop to our booth in various shows and expositions we attend. It shows this guy standing on a rock on the left hand side of it, and our big red question mark logo on the right-hand side. In between there is a white space where we show a 2 or 3 minute Alpha promo loop, repeating all day.

We have 2 of these mega banners, one for east and one for west, but this past weekend was not only Break Forth weekend in Edmonton, but Missions Fest in Vancouver, so I had to have the eastern one shipped from Ontario. It came, but no projector. It turns out that it is our policy, and probably a wise one, not to be shipping the projectors all over the country. I thought, "No problem, I'll just borrow one from our church." But it turns out a regular projector will not work. It needs to be a special one - a "short throw" projector, to project the right sized image from such close range.

So, panic began to set in. Break Forth was a week away and I had no projector. I called a number of local vendors to rent one. No one had one. Finally I found one business that would rent me one for $150.00 a day. Doing some quick math, I calculated that three days for Break Forth and another Three days for Missions Fest in February, would cost me $900.00. Wow! To buy one is anywhere between $1200 and $2000 - not in my budget.

Have I posted that I was going down to Lethbridge on January 28th for meetings and to tape an episode of Lifeline Today with Dick and Joan? Well that had been planned for a month or two.

As a last desperate attempt to find the proper projector, my wife suggested I check out Kijiji. There was one for sale in the province of Alberta - in Lethbridge! It was a projector that cost about $1400 new; they were asking $650; I offered $400, and settled on $450.

As you can see, I got it, got it home and it works like a charm.

God is good.



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