Wednesday, 27 January 2016

What Has Alpha Done?

This is an Alpha, "look Back," which I find very
encouraging. Amazing things are happening all around the world. I am happy to be called to play my part in my corner of it.
This year promises to be another great year, with all sorts of things happening:

New Nicky Gumbel talks, free for download online with course registration;
New Alpha Film Series, aimed at the young adults, but probably will be loved by everyone, coming in April;
Global Advertising Campaign for 12 months with Bear Grylls beginning this fall.

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I'm on my way down to Lethbridge for a one-day visit: a bit of a coffee time with area pastors and Shaila Visser, Alpha Canada's Natiional Director, then a television taping with Dick and Joan on Hope Television.

Then back to Edmonton for Break Forth, were we have an Alpha booth and I present a seminar on evangelism in today's world.

Once again, I would love your prayer-covering for my travels and for effectiveness in this ministry for as long as God can use me.



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