Friday, 18 September 2015

Token Old Guy?

Me and (Big Question) Mark
Amy Croy is our coach in Alberta for the Alpha Youth Film Series.  It is her passion to equip students to reach their friends with the good news of Jesus Christ. So she and Chet Kennedy of Beulah Alliance in Edmonton organized a gathering of Youth Pastors and workers at Beulah to network, strategize and hear about what's happening in that area in the Edmonton vicinity. It was about a week ago and for some reason it has taken me this long to finish this post.

One of the key aims is to see Alpha run in as many schools as possible. The ultimate dream is that every student in Alberta would have the opportunity to hear the gospel, to learn about the Christian faith and to have a safe place to discuss their big questions.

I love attending these youth events. It gives me great encouragement to see our Church in the hands of these dedicated workers and to hear of the wonderful things happening in this next generation. I believe the Alpha Youth Film Series is having a major impact on the youth of not only Canada, but increasingly around the world.

I am going to do another post right now on another event that both of us in the above picture attended yesterday, so scroll up or click the link.



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