Friday, 18 September 2015

Here We Are Again

Leaning on the Everlasting Question Mark

 Me and Mr Big Question again, at the Vanguard College (Edmonton) Ministry Fair, yesterday. This event is mostly for first-year students to investigate possibilities for placement opportunities to earn their field education credits.

Youth Coach Amy and I were there to 'raise awareness' (I hate that term; I sound like a supermarket checkout clerk) of Alpha, especially the Youth Film Series, as an opportunity for student interns to do just that, either solely by running an Alpha or by running one as part of an internship in a local church.
We were also there (at least I was, and I think it worked well for both of us), not only to meet the students, but to network with leaders and Youth Pastors of various local churches and ministries. We were joined by the Rev Jon Connell, who was hoping to find an intern for his own church.

I think the event was a great success for each of us. It was encouraging to see how many ministries who had tables there were either running Alpha's currently, who were familiar with Alpha or who were open to hearing how Alpha can be an effective tool in their own ministries. And that was just the other ministries present.

Many Students stopped by our table; some of whom had attended Alpha in their own churches or schools. Others, unfamiliar with Alpha, gave us the opportunity to promote it. We gave away lots of information and had lots of great conversations. And Jon, by the way, thinks he found his intern.

Just before the event opened (it lasted only over the lunch hour, from 12 to 1) I saw a young woman I thought I recognized. And I did. We had met at a Youth conference held at Centre Street Church in Calgary. She manned(?) a table for Vanguard while Amy, myself and Ben Woodman had an Alpha table there. She is involved in admissions at Vanguard and told me they are having their second-best year in their history, as far as enrolment is concerned. I find that extremely encouraging.

The Church is in good hands.



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