Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Do It Again (Beach Boys Evangelism)

OK, so the context isn't quite right. But my point is that Alpha is most effective when it is run multiple times, one season following another.

For one thing, in my own Alpha's, and many others I know, guests reach the final evening of a course and don't want to stop getting together. And then again, finishing one Alpha is the perfect time for guests who have had a meaningful spiritual experience to begin looking forward to who they can invite to the next one.

It's also the ideal time ask potential leaders from your course just finished to serve on team for the next one.

Several times I have spoken to church leaders or Alpha coordinators who have wonderful reports on what happened on their Alpha, but for some reason felt that was it and there was no reason to run it again. Just this past week one Alpha coordinator was telling me how wonderful their Alpha was - they had at least 3 baptisms among the guests. I asked, "Are you running Alpha again this fall?"

He said, "No." I thought, "What?!" I didn't say anything, but graciously suggested that the perfect thing to do was to run another Alpha so that those who were baptized could invite their friends, or take advantage of their enthusiasm to encourage other church members to invite friends of their own.

Yes, each Alpha can work wonderfully on its own as a single event, but how much more effective it is when run as a continuous program.

Blessings, (and di di dip..., di di dip..., dip di di di dip)


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