Thursday, 21 May 2015

Fast Blast to Calgary

I picked up my rental car at Enterprise at 8 this morning and headed down to Calgary for a 2 hour lunchtime meeting and a few church calls in the afternoon. The trip down was fairly smooth, except for a stretch of about 15 minutes behind a very dusty SUV with the message, "Bound for Tennessee" scrawled in the dust on the rear window.

This fellow was driving in the passing lane, neck and neck, at about 109 km/hr beside another car in the slow lane, and no amount of light-flashing would either speed him up or move him over. Arrgh!

But I made my meeting on time. It was at the CMA (better known perhaps as the alliance Church) head office on the grounds of Ambrose University. The meeting was not specifically Alpha related, but more of a get together of church planters looking for buildings on the one hand, and representatives of denominations finding they had church buildings for sale or at least available. My purpose, Alpha-wise, was to make connections with churches, whether ones being planted, growing, or looking to find ways to grow (or regrow), and to make myself available to help them use Alpha as part of that process.

I made a few other church calls, then headed back home, arriving back at Enterprise before 6:00. I walked into their office and it was just as if I had been gone about 5 minutes. Everyone who was there in the morning was still there. They were all in the same place, but I had driven about 700 kilometres.

It just seemed weird.



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