Thursday, 4 December 2014

Small World Department

OK, so what do Lethbridge Alberta, the country of Rwanda, a city in central Mexico and a small town in Southern Ontario have in common? Let me explain.

I came down from my room in the Super 8 in Lethbridge for their free breakfast (one of the reasons I usually stay at Super 8 motels when I travel). I had my iPad with me to plan my day and map out the churches I planned to visit. There was one other person in the breakfast room, a young woman working at her laptop. she looked over and said, in heavily accented English.
"I see we are both working."
"Yes," I said.
"What do you do," she asked.
"I call on churches," I replied. This seemed to pique her interest, so I explained a bit about Alpha, how we introduce people to Jesus, and gave her my card. I asked if she knew Jesus or went to church. She confessed that she didn't go very often. Her name is Delhi, which most people would associate with either a city in India or a town in Southern Ontario, but she pronounces it to rhyme with "jelly."

Then I asked her where was her home.
"Mexico" she said. I asked her what in the world would bring her from Mexico to Alberta Canada in the middle of winter (the temperature was -13 and there were 10 cm of show on the ground.) She told me she was working on her doctorate at a Mexican university, but was visiting someone at the University of Lethbridge. I asked her what field her doctorate was in, and she replied, "Animal Sciences; working to improve breeds of cattle."

"Wow!" I replied, "I know someone in the same sort of field " So I was able to bring up this website on my iPad.

This is Rachael Spence, from our church in Edmonton. She is a veterinary doctor and has a mission to Rwanda, helping farmers care for and improve their own livestock. Here is a Youtube presentation of Rachael speaking to a group of Rwandan farmers, although I suspect you have to be a Rwandan farmer or a cow doctor to appreciate it fully.

Delhi was quite impressed. "She must be a very wonderful woman," she said.
"She is just serving the Lord with her gifts, " I said.

I didn't have much more time, as my first church appointment was coming up at 9:00, but I gave her a "Why Jesus?" booklet and a "
Question Everything" card, wished her well and checked out. I have her e-mail, so I will try to put her in touch with Rachael. It would be interesting if they could make a connection.

Just another day on the road for Alpha; just another of those coincidences that God seems to enjoy arranging.



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