Saturday, 15 November 2014

My Week This Week

I picked up Elaine Young yesterday afternoon. She flew in from Halifax for a bit of a whirlwind tour.

We presented a training seminar this morning at Leduc Alliance Church on Alpha's Marriage, Marriage Prep and Parenting Courses. Registrations were not as high as we would have liked but the seminar went very well and every bit of feedback was very good.

Right after church tomorrow it's off to Grande Prairie for a meet & greet Monday morning at the Christian Fellowship Assembly, then a stop off at the Whitecourt Family Worship Centre on the way back at 3:00 PM.

Tuesday, I'm down to Lacombe for a Pastors' lunch, while Wanda Ho, our National Chinese and ESOL Alpha arrives, and will be visiting various Chinese churches in Edmonton on behalf of the Marriage and Parenting courses, chauffeured around town by Elaine. Elaine leaves for home Wednesday morning and I take over driving duties for Wanda and myself , visiting other Chinese churches on behalf of Alpha.  

I love the Chinese congregations. They are so detail oriented; so concerned that they are doing things right; questioning themselves, wanting to be perfect; pressing us for feedback even when they are doing things perfectly and could give the rest of us lessons.

Every day is a new day; every week a new week. Got to get one more trip down to Lethbridge and Calgary, either the following week or the one after.



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