Tuesday, 4 November 2014

God Knew I needed Encouragement So He Sent Me To Tofield

I was a little bit down Monday. I get that way sometimes. It's often because I wonder if I'm doing enough in my position with Alpha.

I remember that in my former position with Raven Truck Accessories, I composed the company training manual. My advice to store managers was this: either you should be doing something for the good of your store or you should be thinking of what you can be doing for the good of your store.

So that is also my attitude with Alpha. My constant prayer is that for the effectiveness of this ministry and my part in it. But sometimes I just get the feeling I'm spinning my wheels. So yesterday, God told me, almost out of nowhere, "Go to Tofield."

So I did, and called on one of my favourite places, Tofield Mennonite Church. I also called on three other churches, but Tofield Mennonite was just what I needed. Pastor Ken is a real Alpha fan. In fact, he was first introduced to Alpha when he was in Nicky Gumbel's own small group at Holy Trinity Brompton in the early '90's.

We had a great conversation and time of prayer together. When I first arrived, he introduced me to another gentleman who was in his office, a man in his '80's who was about to fly back to Ontario for a Christian Businessman's conference. It reminded me that a Christian should never really consider him or herself fully retired. There is always work to do; there are always areas to serve.

There. I feel better already.



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