Wednesday, 22 October 2014

What Do CF-18's Have To Do With Alpha?

CF-18's take off yesterday from CFB Cold Lake, Alberta
I was invited to attend and briefly address a Pastors' appreciation lunch in Bonnyville Community Church yesterday. I actually went last year as well, and in spite of that Pastor Ken invited me back. It was attended by 26 guests representing 14 churches or ministries (15 including mine - Alpha).

One of the guests was a Padre at CFB Cold Lake (which is about 1/2 hour from Bonnyville), and he had just participated in the sending off of 6 CF-18's to Kuwait to help in the fight against ISIS. I was going to post a picture of him speaking, but in light of today's developments in Ottawa, and having been cautioned by news reports to use caution in posting public photos of members of the military, I chose not to.

Having said all that, it was a very encouraging meeting. The Padre himself expressed quite an interest in our 7-week (Campus) Alpha. The new Pentecostal pastor in Bonnyville, new after a two year search, and whose church I have been, "pursuing" for that same two years, expressed interest in both Campus and Youth. The Youth Pastor from Cold Lake Community Church gushed at how successful their own Alpha for Youth has been. I met the senior pastor from Bonnyville Baptist Church and hit it off well with him. They have been running Alpha since 2013 but I haven't been able to connect in a couple of tries with his associate pastor who runs Alpha there. I was beginning to think they were mad at me, but I was assured not. Pastor Claude from Lighthouse Ministries, a ministry to First Nations people in the Lakelands area of Alberta, took some information on Campus as well. The Anglican Priest in Cold Lake also hopes to run Alpha for Youth there.

I will be following up on all these opportunities, but I thank God for a safe trip (3 hours there, 3 back) and for doors He has opened for Alpha as a tool for reaching that area of Alberta.



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